This portfolio represents my attainment of the nine competencies of the Masters of Archives and Records Administration offered by San Jose State University. This ePortfolio is the capstone for the MARA program. 

I have organized my portfolio into several sections that can accessed above on the menu bar. This is the landing page and introduction. The second menu item is my statement of professional philosophy. Next, the nine core competencies are located in the drop down menu. Finally, my conclusion and statement of affirmation is included.

I created this portfolio by reviewing my coursework throughout the 3 years that I have been in the program. The competencies were embedded in the curriculum throughout the program, so it was easy to find examples. I have kept good records from my classes, which made compiling these proofs fairly easy.

UPDATE: I would like to welcome MARA students as they seek to assemble an eportfolio to meet their own requirements for the program. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I can offer tips and ‘tricks’ to assist you on your creation. I am more than happy to help you succeed!